The children's fund is aimed at helping young people financially before their education is complete. Education in India is becoming costly day by day, and charging gigantic fees for children's education can be a tough task for a common man. This can embark on sudden financial imbalances on family, while due to the financial situation some children with learning abilities are barred from further research and pursuing their dreams. Proper preparation and appropriate steps will help to avoid these kinds of inconveniences at the right time. Most of the mutual fund for children has two different plans, one of which is equity-oriented and the other debt-oriented. If the child is young or is about to be born, the equity-oriented plan can be chosen that can yield higher long-term returns.

Childrens Fund: These mutual funds are invested in stocks and bonds. Such funds have a 5-year lock or until the child reaches majority age (whichever is earlier).
Risk :Moderately High