Jensen's Alpha ()

Compared to its benchmark, the excess or abnormal returns earned by the portfolio of mutual funds. A positive investment alpha means that, despite its beta, the fund has performed better than expected. A negative alpha indicates the fund has been underperforming.


Representatives of a stock exchange that are willing to buy and sell shares that they are interested in are considered employers.

Joint Ownership

In a folio, Single, Joint or Anyone or Survivor may be the mode of holding cash. In the case of joint ownership, all shareholders should comply with KYC and the effect of taxes on the first holder should drop.

Junk Bond

A distressed bond by Standard & Poor's Corp. and Ba rated BB or below or by Moody's Investor Service. See the list of securities. "Junk bonds" are usually issued by suspect financial strength companies or without proven track records. They tend to be more volatile and yield higher than high-quality bonds. In these low-rated, high-yielding debt issues, "Junk bond funds" emphasize diversified investment.