Who should Invest?

MFs make it easier for you to save. Each fund is designed to achieve different objectives. It is especially useful for those who do not have enough time to investigate and make wise choices.

When to Invest?

Factors to consider before making an investment

Funds Availability

Market Conditions

Investment Duration

Expected Returns

Investors can find it difficult to evaluate funds by taking into account the above-mentioned factors and thus investing in SIP is their best option. No single time is considered to be the best time to invest. When you have money in hand, the right time to invest. You should not be worried about the fluctuations of the market, and not every Mutual Fund invests in equity instruments.

How to Invest?

Nowadays you can easily access MFs thanks to the virtual wave. How to invest in mutual funds depends on individual to individual. The following options are issued to investors in the Indian MF:

Direct Investment

Visit the fund house's nearest branch to collect or access an application form from the internet. Until investing, you have to go through the fine print carefully to remove all your questions.


These are marketing experts who are meeting potential customers and educating them about the different fund options. You should pick a fund based on your income, investment target, and appetite for risk. The agent will help you with the procedure, payments, redemption and termination of the document. They charge for their services for a fee.

Online (Distributors/Fund Houses)

It is popular today to buy / sell MF units online. It helps to save time and effort, and most importantly, to make informed decision making it easier to compare different funds. Fundexpert is one such website that selects for you the best Mutual Funds from the top fund houses in the world, completely cost-free. All you need to do is enter your personal information and make your fee. You will complete the whole cycle in less than five minutes.