Investing 65-80% of their corpus in equity and 20-35% of the corpus in debt is required by aggressive hybrid schemes. We almost follow the investment strategy of ancient balanced or equity-oriented hybrid schemes, as you may have noted. Because of their mandatory minimum equity investment of 65% in shares, these schemes are classified as equity schemes for tax purposes. The Sebi has now clearly defined how much in equity and debt these schemes can invest. Hybrid aggressive funds put into the investment in both stocks as well as debt securities or bonds, according to SEBI's implications and classifications of hybrid funds. The premium, however, is on stocks rather than bonds. Investments are made with the need and the future financial targets in mind. You can engage in aggressive strategies and skew in equity investments when coping with a long-term financial goal such as schooling, marriage of a child or retirement plans, etc.

Aggressive Hybrid Fund : In both stocks and debt / bonds, these mutual funds invest. With 65-80 percent of total investment in stocks and rest in bonds, however, focus on stocks is higher.
Risk :Moderately High