Face Value

This is one unit of a scheme's original issue price (usually Rs 10).

Factor Funds

Mutual funds that invest with a particular factor or style investment philosophy. They are also sometimes referred to as style funds.

Fiscal Year

An accounting period of 12 months in a row.

Floating rate

Most debt bonds, depending on market interest rate changes, adjust the interest rate owed on the bond. It is said that these debt securities deliver ' floating interest rate. '

Floating Rate Debt

A bond or other form of debt that adjusts its coupon rate with market conditions (short-term interest rates).

Folio number

A specific number assigned to mark the investment account of an investor with it by a mutual fund.

Front-End Load

At the time of entry and/or departure, a mutual fund may have a distribution fee or payment to pay the distributor / agent. Admission fee is billed when an investor buys a mutual fund's units.At the investment time, the entry load is added to the prevailing NAV. For example, if the NAV is Rs. 100 and the entry charge is 1%, the investor would enter Rs 101 into the fund.


An investment vehicle that pools capital for a common benefit from many stakeholders.

Fund Family

A mutual fund firm which offers a lot of funds for different purposes.

Fund House

Fund house for an asset management company (AMC) is just another name. Fund house is more generally used by individuals when they refer to an AMC. It is possible to use the fund house and AMC interchangeably. The fund house or AMC is the fund's investment manager and conducts all of the Mutual Fund's investment-related activities, such as buying and selling shares in the portfolio of various Mutual Fund schemes initiated by the Mutual Fund.

The fund house provides its investors with skilled investment management services by hiring talented and experienced fund managers on behalf of investors to handle the pool of investor money.

Fund Manager

An asset management firm employee, like a mutual fund or life insurer, who manages the scheme's investments. He is usually part of a larger team of research and fund managers.The individual responsible for the decision to create a mutual fund portfolio.