Large cap funds are those funds that spend a larger proportion of their portfolio in large-market enterprises. Trustworthy, trustworthy, and solid are three adjectives often used to characterize a big business. These are the old players with a track record, well-established. These companies typically have strong corporate governance policies and have, over the long term, slowly and steadily created wealth for their shareholders. Typically, these corporate houses are among the most highly regarded and well-researched on the market.

Mutual funds that spend most of their investment portfolio are known as large-cap funds in these firms. The underlying companies in the large-cap fund portfolio can be considered as relatively steady compounders and regular dividend payers as seasoned players. Large-cap funds deliver steady returns with relatively lower risk compared to mid-and small-cap funds on the risk-return spectrum. We are perfect for low-risk investors.So, take a long-term perspective, stay patient and stay invested in the long-term recovery of good returns.

Large Cap Fund : These mutual funds pick equity securities from the Indian markets ' largest 100 stocks (highest market capitalization). Larger stocks are supposed to be less volatile, whereas smaller stocks may be more likely to grow.
Risk :Moderately High